Creative Memories’ solution to refill pages

For those of us who still scrapbook traditionally with pages, paper, scissors, etc.  Creative Memories’ closure put a huge damper on the refill pages and protectors but, the new company, Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories, has a solution with their new products… refill pages that are pre-designed to match their current product line plus you get the protectors along with the pages.

What is included for $29.50 (US)?

  • 16 preprinted/predesigned, double-sided pages
  • 16 page protectors

Here’s a sample of the “Tangerine, Plum & Then Some” page refills looks like:

So, if you need pages and you’re going to cover them up with your own paper, no big deal as to which ‘pre-designed’ pages pack you get, you’re going to cover them anyway and you get the protectors with it.

If you buy the album, (i.e., Tangerine album – see here) you can get the album with a pack of pages and protectors included and you can always add more and… it all matches.  :)


If you’re a “quick” traditional scrapbooker, Creative Memories’ solution with the new Ahni & Zoe product line is the solution for you.


  • Judi Butler

    I have spent the last 45 minutes looking at your site and catalog. I cannot find anywhere information on how to order products. I have most of the accessories that I need; however, I need to order refill pages and page protectors at this time. I also need to get tape runner refills from time to time. Is it possible to order page protectors without the pages. Right now I have 1 set of pages and no page protectors. Please send me a price list and information on how to order things.

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